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Quantegy 632 Audio Tape on 10" Used Metal Reel

Quantegy 632 Audio Tape on 10" Used Metal Reel

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Quantegy 632 Audio tape on 10" used metal reel with NAB hub!!! 2,500 feet of new 1/4" wide audio tape!!! Manufactured between 1995 - 2007. This tape has never been recorded on!!!! taken off a 5,000' Pancake!! Tape comes with over 5' of leader tape on each end of the tape. The Metal reels are in very good condition!!! Some minor light scratches. We have several brands and reel styles to pick from ( SEE Pictures ). Every reel will be shipped in a used good condition 10 1/2" tape reel box and a NEW plastic tape box protector sleeve. The tape reel box is a bonus!!! Mostly to protect the reel during shipping. If you want the reel sent in a NEW plain white tape reel box with Nab center hub, A $ 3.75 extra charge for a NEW white tape reel box.

The only splices on this tape is to attach the leader tape to both ends.

This listing is for 1 ( One ) reel of tape!!!!

Please indicate what brand or style reel you would like to have sent to you!!! If no choice is made, One will be sent at random from the ones in the pictures.

This is virgin tape!!! Never been recorded on!!!

Run time on this tape is about 126 minutes per side at 7 1/2 IPS!!!

252 minutes both sides!! Or 4 hours 12 minutes both sides

All equipment and materials used on this tape is studio grade!!!

Mastering grade recording tape. Mostly sold to recording studios in this bulk state

I have randomly tested pancakes from this lot number and didn't find any flaking or gummed up heads!!! The recordings sound great!!!!

Here is the Tech data on the Quantegy 632 audio tape.

Magnetic properties:
Coercivity 310 Oe (24.7 kA/m)
Retentivity 1100 Gs (110 mT)

Physical Property:
Standard width 1/4" 0.246" (6.3m)

Nominal Thickness:
Base film 1400 u" (35.6 um)
Oxide coating 280 u" (7.1 um)
Total 1680 u" (42.7 um)

Performance properties:
Bias Sensitivity at 500 Hz +0.0 db
Record Sensitivity at 500 Hz +0.0 db

Third Harmonic Distortion:
Reference Record level 0.75%

Output Sensitivity:
100 Hz +0.0 db
500 Hz -0.5 db
7500 Hz -0.5 db
15,000 Hz -0.5 db

Saturated Output:
500 Hz -1.5 db
15,000 Hz -1.0 db
Relative Weighted Noise with Bias +1.3 db
Print-through +57.0 db
Signal-to-noise +2.0 db

Cannot ship to: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

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