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Quantegy 632 audio tape 5,000 x 1/4" Pancakes - Lot of 10

Quantegy 632 audio tape 5,000 x 1/4" Pancakes - Lot of 10

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  • Manufactured by: Quantegy


1 Case of Quantegy 632 Pancake refills. 10 pancakes per case of NEW virgin audio tape!! 5,000 feet of 1/4" wide mastering grade audio tape per pancake. 1 case has 50,000' of audio tape Manufactured between 1995 - 2007.

Supplies of this tape is very limited!!!! Get them before there gone!!!!

If your interested in a sample of this tape, I have listed 5" reels of this tape from pancakes. Buy one and try it out. I also sell these pancakes by the case.

This tape is virgin audio tape. Mostly sold to recording studios in this bulk state. This tape is splice free!!!!

1 Pancake will fill 2 - 10" Reels Or 4 - 7" Reels!!

I've randomly tested several of these pancakes and found no flaking or gummed up heads!!! The recordings sound great!!!!

Buyer can choose to have the pancake shipped as is Or The buyer can send me your empty reels. Any combination. 2 - 10" reels or 1 - 10" and 2 - 7" reels or 4 - 7" reels. Plastic or metal reels. standard 1/4" pin or NAB style hubs. I can work with all types and brands of reels !!! Reels must be for 1/4" wide tape!!! And I will fill your reels for you and send them back to you. Return shipping paid when you buy the pancake. Buyer pays shipping to send the reels to me!!!

There will be a $ 5.00 additional charge for this service!!!! For another $ 1.50 per reel Leader tape will be added to both ends of tape on all reels I also sell Plain white acid free tape boxes for both size reels!!!

Tape boxes are $ 3,10 each for 10" reels and $ 2.00 Each for 7" reels!!! Tape box prices are for this deal only!! See my other listings for buying just tape boxes!!

If you would like to use this service, contact me before buying the pancake so I can invoice you on this service. Turn around time to transfer these pancakes to reels is one or two days.

Leader tape color choices are: White, Blue, Green, White or Yellow timing tape.

I have 35 years experience with audio tape recording and have done this many times before!!! I use all Studio grade supplies!!!

Do to many questions about transferring these pancakes to empty reels, I now offer this service for the first time on eBay!!!

Here is the Tech data on the Quantegy 632 audio tape.

Magnetic properties:
Coercivity 310 Oe (24.7 kA/m)
Retentivity 1100 Gs (110 mT)

Physical Property:
Standard width 1/4" 0.246" (6.3m)

Nominal Thickness:
Base film 1400 u" (35.6 um)
Oxide coating 280 u" (7.1 um)
Total 1680 u" (42.7 um)

Performance properties:
Bias Sensitivity at 500 Hz +0.0 db
Record Sensitivity at 500 Hz +0.0 db

Third Harmonic Distortion:
Reference Record level 0.75%

Output Sensitivity:
100 Hz +0.0 db
500 Hz -0.5 db
7500 Hz -0.5 db
15,000 Hz -0.5 db

Saturated Output:
500 Hz -1.5 db
15,000 Hz -1.0 db
Relative Weighted Noise with Bias +1.3 db
Print-through +57.0 db
Signal-to-noise +2.0 db

Cannot ship to: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan